Data & Analytics

Efficient analysis of evidence-based studies to uncover process value potential.

What We Do - Data and AnalyticsWe use technologies to analyze the current process performance, conduct an in-depth-process assessment and generate quantitative intelligence to help our clients make decisions about their process improvement programs.

Do your process owners understand how to drive decisions with data? The Lulu PDG team will work with your process owners and other staff members to develop a measurement structure that it’s aligned with your company strategy. We turn meaningless numbers into useful information for proactive process management using scientific methods. Data and reports should be simple, concise, depicted at needed levels, and easy to create and access.

Our Technologies

We work with BPM leading enterprises. Their best-in-class technologies allow us to deploy process solutions that enhance our client’s ability for sustainable process performance, hence harvesting the value of their BPM initiatives.

BPM Technologies

  • Process Modeling and Simulation Applications
  • Process Maturity Assessment Dashboard
  • Process Statistical Analysis
  • Value Stream Map Modeling
  • Workflow Modeling

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
Peter Drucker

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