About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To be a recognized leader in Business Process Management in specialized industries to drive business results and maximize human potential within each client’s organization.

Areas of Focus

We are uncompromisingly focused on helping clients achieve the value from their processes by:

  • Creating an integrated process architecture to optimize business value
  • Increasing the process maturity and team capabilities to improve processes
  • Consistently measuring and managing the performance of business processes
  • Enabling change management to ensure the sustainability of process performance

Our History

Lulu Process Design Group caters to clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Children Activity Centers, Mining & Metals, Government & Public Services and Hospitality.

  • 1997-2017

    Compilation of over 20 years of manufacturing experience in designing and improving processes.

  • MAY 2018

    Lulu Process Design Group was formally founded in Boise, ID | USA.

  • JUNE 2018 Forward

    Working with specialty industries to enhance the performance of their business using Lulu PDG proven process improvement methods.

Meet Our Awesome Team

We foster a professional and inclusive culture that is in line with our business goals and continuous growth.

Lourdes Gonzalez - Founder and CEO

Lourdes Gonzalez

CEO & Founder

Lourdes Gonzalez - Her Story

Frank Sahlein - Business Mentor

Frank Sahlein

Business Mentor

Franklin B. Sahlein

Business Mentor, LPDG / Founder & CEO, 3rd Level Consulting & Business Brokerage

Franklin B Sahlein - Business Mentor, Lulu PDG / Founder & CEO, 3rd Level Consulting

Frank has been active in the Children’s Activity Center industry as an athlete, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. He is a native of San Mateo, California and graduated from San Jose State University.

Frank pioneered the Children’s Learning Opportunity Center (CLOC) concept from 1976 – 2016 at the Wings Center in Boise, Idaho | USA – a blend of Sports Instruction, Arts, Education, Entertainment and Outreach programs. 

Frank’s reputation as a business management innovator has inspired audiences worldwide, delivering over 1,500 presentations for a variety of children’s activity center industries and organizations – including gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, dance, martial arts and child care/education.

3rd Level Consulting is a Business Development and Service Provider Partner for a variety of associations and organizations. Frank and the 3rd Level Consulting team travel globally, seeking best practices to share them with its clients.

Two-time recipient of the National Business Leader Award from USA Gymnastics, Frank is the author of Building Your Business Potential, creator of the SmartEDGE™ Business Resources, and RiskAssure Solutions as well as the co-founder for the LEAP! Learning Management System.On the personal development side, he is the author of Becoming – Designing Your Empowered Life, and founder of The Transformations Institute (a personal growth journey community). 

His passions include fitness training, transformational reading and motorcycle touring.


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Pedro Rodriguez - Technology Mentor

Pedro Rodriguez

Technology Mentor

Pedro Rodriguez

Technology Mentor, LPDG / Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

Pedro Rodriguez - Technology MentorPedro Rodriguez is a Research Scientist in Computer Science at the University of Maryland at College Park. He is a native of Puerto Rico and grew up in Boise, Idaho.

His primary research interests lie at the intersection of machine learning and natural language processing. He is specifically interested in knowledge rich natural language understanding, question answering, information seeking dialog and interpretability.

Pedro earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley in December 2014. In addition to his PhD research experience, he has worked as a data scientist or research scientist at Microsoft Research – Information and Data Science Group, Riot Games, Zillow Group at Trulia, Oracle Datalogix, UC Berkeley’s AMPLab, UC Berkeley’s Astronomy Department, and Boise State University’s Cryosphere Group. Pedro was the team captain and a founding member of the Colorado Data Science Team.

Pedro is the author and co-author of multiple technical articles in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing publications.

In his free time, he is a volunteer ski patrol, certified avalanche safety instructor and an avid skier, climber and hiker.

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Our Shared Values

Our values contribute to our long-lasting success.


We build collaborative, motivated, trustworthy, goal-oriented teams that organize around solving the right problems for our customers.  We work together to make our client’s processes better.

  • We are committed to each other, building on mutual trust and respect
  • We communicate effectively by sharing information, skills, and knowledge to achieve success
  • We share goals and hold ourselves and each other accountable
  • We share and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution and having fun working together


Doing the right thing for our client’s customers often means overturning the status quo. We educate, support and inspire our clients to drive continuous improvements!

  • We embrace new perspectives and think differently to find new ways to make processes better

  • Our team foster a deep intellectual honesty and experiences which we pass on to our clients

  • We challenge ourselves by personally committing to continuous improvement and professional growth


We humbly encourage, seek and accept feedback from our clients to continuously improve our own services. We learn from our failures and successes.

  • We are grateful for our client’s support and continued business

  • We are self-motivated lifelong learners who know we’re never done and that there’s more we can learn and more we can do for our clients

  • We are committed to highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in everything we do


Being "best-in-class" in process-centered management takes bold thinking, innovation, collaboration and benchmarking. We are empowered to take risks, learn and grow with our clients.

  • We create and communicate a bold direction of our clients "true north" that inspires results
  • We research and utilize best-in-class process design and improvement methods
  • We stretch our client’s imagination by thinking outside the box, then pragmatically deploy solutions that create value to our clients


The best way the world works is embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion. We support the growth of all team members.

  • We are proud of our cultural diversity and capitalize on different perspectives from the team

  • Lulu PDG's industry expertise is enhanced by our diversity, life experiences and knowledge about our workforce

  • We understand and appreciate the contributions that diverse talent make to our clients and our company


We proudly focus on providing coaching and identifying opportunities for young women and children in vulnerable communities to inspire them to pursue careers.

  • We make available a community network of nonprofit organizations, professional mentors, and leaders in the industry to support children in their journeys

  • We motivate young girls and women who dream of having a career in the male-dominated STEM industries

  • Our team provides basic necessities to children in needy countries and local communities

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